Some Success Stories We Participated
Highly Successful Platform Development Projects We Participated
Our Solution  
All Carriers
Pioneer in using Generalized Object
Oriented Technology for the inventory
management applications
Reduced Service Design and Inventory Solution
from years to days.  Reduce 8 millions line of
code system to 0.5 million
All Carriers
Accelerated network conversion from
analog to digital with expert system
Reduced 5 year program to 3 years. Method
applies for all carriers.
All Carriers
Built Global Network Management
Platform for WorldPartners, British
Telecom, Alestra, Chunghwa Telecom
Deployed to 35 global centers in 25 countries.  
Savings over $300M annually.  Simplified and
automated network management process
All Carriers
Built  Fault and Security Management,
Trouble Ticketing, Performance
Monitoring, Rule-based Automation and
Common Testing Platforms
Enable in year savings of $500M and annualized
savings of more than $800M.  Reduced cycle time
and increased productivity.  Detected network
failure before it happen.
All Carriers
Architect and develop the Rapid
Automation Platform
Pioneered approach to capturing requirement
and business rules for automation.  Delivered
automation solutions in weeks, not months.  
Annualized saving $200M.
All Carriers
Built Network and Service Provisioning
Platform for data, voice, IP, wireless
Achieved in year savings of $300M and  
annualized saving of more than $600M.  
Significantly increased ordering, real-time
flow-through to 90%
All Carriers
Built E-Business Platforms across
Business Services, including E-Office,
E-Ordering, E-Billing, E-Contract and
inventory Management, etc.        
This program revolutionized applications used in
work centers.  Resulting in annualized savings of
$150M and revenue growth of $300M.
Designed and implemented the 4th
generation core banking system        
Retired legacy systems, target platform for other
Highly Successful Turn Around Failing Project and Organizations
  • RSA token replacement
  • Security entries system
  • Secured mini Operations System for Private Data processing and storage.
  • e Signature and applications
  • Successful deployed
Conceive State of the Art Innovated Products Development
  • Successfully led a team of 50 to completed a telecommunication software development
    project, a  project which had previously failed under different leadership which manning
    much more personnel.  This project subsequently went on to be one of the model system
    for the company.
  • Auto Group out source all projects and IT organizations to YES to improve software
    systems and service  performance.  Within one year after took over by YES, the software
    systems and service performance index increased from 50% to 60% to 90's%
  • Total Systems - From More Than 800 Systems to 100 Platforms
  • Provisioning Systems - From more than 100 systems to 3 Platforms
  • Service Assurance Systems - From more than 100 systems to 5 Platforms
Simplication Through Systems Retirement We Participated